This cabin has a three level layout with the shrine room and a porch on the top floor with expansive southern views. This cabin includes passive solar heating, three porches, a queen size bed to accommodate a couple, a solar powered electric refrigerator, a fenced in back yard, a dog door, and a dog house. It has two flights of stairs. Rigdzin means awareness holder.

Dog owners will have to sign a liability form which will enumerate their additional responsibilities and release DKD from liability concerning themselves and their pets. To bring your dog(s), you should reserve the cabin at least 3 months in advance. This is the only cabin where pets are allowed.

Rigdzin Bedroom
View from bedroom level up to shrine room and down to kitchen level.

View of the back porch shows dog house and dog door.

Lovely shrine room area has a deck with expansive views.

Cabin Tour

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