Realizing Enlightened Society

Talk Two: Path of Simplicity

Good evening. Tonight's presentation should be very simple and very direct. It involves the basic nature of Shambhala and buddhadharma, with a strong emphasis on the Shambhala approach. The Shambhala approach is the general application of cosmetics to reality. And buddhadharma is basic space, or the basic ground on which you put the cosmetics.

The general emphasis here is on how well defined your situation is, without just simply cracking jokes about reality. It involves some sense of solemnity—as far as realizing that basic goodness is not a laughing matter, but a solemn situation. Basic goodness is very genuine. It goes through your general perspective about how you feel about life.

[Long pause]

How to cheer up—or how not to cheer up—is the point.

[Long pause]

It seems that the key point is how to make oneself awake, how to make oneself available to awake.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's pretty much it. I don't want to make it too complicated or make further unnecessary conversation.

Stop conversing more than necessary and simplify your life as much as you can. Thank you.

[Long pause]

I don't think there is too much conversation happening tonight—if there is, you're welcome.

STUDENT: Sir, could you explain how we could achieve this sense of solemnity without becoming deadly serious?

VIDYADHARA: I think it's a question of being in contact with reality, then we don't have to crank up something else.

S: Sir, would you say something more about putting cosmetics on reality, as opposed to cranking up something to do with reality?

V: I think the point is to do it on the spot, rather than pretend to do it.

S: Sir, you spoke about buddhadharma as relating with basic space and the Shambhala teachings as a kind of embellishment. Later you said to simplify and reduce conversation. To me conversation seems like a kind of embellishment. If we reduce our conversation, where is the embellishment of our social contact with each other?

V: I think it's just there. It happens by itself.

S: So by being simple with each other, we are being Shambhalian.

V: Yes.

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