Susan Chapman

Acharya Susan Chapman

Acharya Susan Chapman
has been a student of Shambhala since 1974. She has an MA in Buddhist and Western Psychology from Naropa University, worked with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, and is a licensed Marital and Family Therapist. She has one grown child. With her husband Jerry she founded the Juneau Shambhala Center and later completed Gampo Abbey's three year retreat, where she went on to serve as druppon "retreat leader" for six more years.

After moving back to Vancouver, Susan started a business which offers workshops and training in mindful communication, and is on the faculty of Karuna Training, teaching twice yearly in Europe. She was empowered as a Shastri in 2010. In April she published her book, The five Keys to Mindful COmmunication. The Sakyong gave her the acharya name Jinlap Wangmo "Blessing Lady."

Teaching Schedule


Jan 17 - 19 Warsaw

Karuna Weekend

Jan 14 - 26 Germany TBA
Feb 6 Madison Emotions, Wisdom and the Sanity of the Present Moment
Feb 7 - 9 Madison The Five Keys to Mindful Communication: Introductory Workshop
Feb 7 Maidson The Five Keys to Mindful Communication: Public Talk
Mar 6 - 9 Toronto The Virtuous Leader: Leading from the Heart (part 1) w/Acharya Dan Hessey
Mar 30 - Apr 6 Shambhala Mountain Center Acharya Retreat
Apr 7 - 30   Personal Retreat
May   Personal Retreat
June 5 - 10 Toronto Leading from the Heart" part 2 w/Acharya Dan Hessey
July 11 - 18 France Karuna Training
July 18 - 20 Spain Karuna Training
Aug 14 - 18 Holland Workshop/Retreat The Five Keys to Mindful Communication
Aug 20 -27 Arhem (on hold) Mahamudra retreat
Sep 19 - 29 Baltimore Five Keys to Mindful Communication / Rigden
Oct 15 - 21 Toronto Leading from the Heart w/Acharya Dan Hessey
Nov 8 - 18 Kooteney, NS Mahamudra Retreat
Dec 21 - 27 Arizona Weekthun


Jan Vancouver Rigden Weekend
Jan - March   Writing Retreat
Aug Berkeley Summer weekthun


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Five Keys to Mindful CommunicationThe Five Keys to Mindful Communication