Acharya Jenny Warwick

Jenny Warwick

Jenny Warwick has been a senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition since 1975. She teaches Shambhala Buddhist programs in the North West and West Coast regional centers including the Nelson, Victoria, Juneau, Portland, Nor Cal, Vancouver, Seattle and Bellingham. Jenny has led in weekthuns, dathuns, Sutrayana Seminary, Warrior's Assembly, Vajrayogini Abhisheka, and Scorpion Seal programs.

In 2006-2007, Jenny participated in the second year of the Three Year Retreat at Sopa Choling Retreat Center. Currently her special interests include intensive Werma practice, the teachings of the Gesar lineage, and the life of Yeshe Tsogyal. She enjoys teaching classes in the Way of Shambhala and leading Level 1, 5, and Rigden Weekends.

Teaching Schedule


Dec 14 - 21 Bellingham, WA Bellingham Shambhala Center: City Weekthun


Jan 9 - 12 Victoria, BC Victoria Shambhala Center: MI Training
Jan 23 - Feb 4 Ajo, AZ Solitary Retreat
Feb 14 - 19 San Francisco, CA The Sacred World of Kyerim w/Acharya Christie Cashman
Feb 20 - 23 Victoria, BC Rigden Program
Mar 14 - 15 Seattle Shambhala Level I
Mar 31 - Apr 6 Boulder, CO Acharya Retreat
Apr 17 - 20 Nelson, BC Refuge & Bodhisatva Vows
Apr 25 - 26 Seattle, WA Gesar Program
May 16 - 18 Bellingham, WA Rigden Weekend
Aug 23 - Sep 3 Dechen Choling, FR Scorpion Seal Assembly: Year 6
Nov 7 - 9 Vancouver, BC Rigden Program


Past topics
Shambhala Training Levels
3 Yana Program

Mahayana Path

Vajrayana Intensive
Refuge and Bodhisattva Vows
Teacher's Academy
Rigden Weekend
Assistant Director, Shambhala Guide, and Meditation Instructor's training
Rigden Weekend