Program Details

Nyinthun - day of sitting and walking meditation

December 15 / 9:30 AM - December 15 / 4:30 PM

Nyinthun begins at 9.30 am with a short set of traditional group chants, including Buddha's well-known 'Heart Sutra'. Joining in the chants is optional. Sitting meditation is then interspersed with periods of walking meditation for the rest of the day. Lunch break will be from 12-1.30pm and we will end at 4.30pm with ten minutes of closing chants. During the morning we will be studying/discussing on of the Lojong Slogans  [1]. Study materials provided (See attachment also for online references)

Nyinthun is best experienced in its entirety, but people are free to arrive and leave at any time. If you have not been to a Shambhala group or centre before please come contact us beforehand to chat about meditation instruction.

Coffee, tea, and biscuits are provided.

Cost: Koha/by donation(this helps covers room hire, tea, coffee etc, photocopying, and flowers as the Adelaide Shambhala Meditation Group is self-supporting)

Please bring a plate of food to share for lunch.


[1] See Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving Kindness; and Pema Chödrön Start Where You Are, Shambhala Publications

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