Program Details

Autumn Dathün Meditation Retreat

with Beate Kirchhof-Schlage & Robert Ivanc
November 3 / 7:00 PM - December 2 / 6:00 AM

"Natural confidence in uncertain times" Meditation retreat


Deepen your connection to your meditation practice and open your heart. Dathün, Tibetan for ’moon session,’ is an intense one-month group meditation retreat, and one of the most powerful and transformative retreats in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.


This programme is an introduction to and deepening of mindfulness-awareness meditation. Each day includes periods of sitting and walking meditation, chants, talks, body disciplines, and a short work session. Participants receive individual meditation instruction regularly throughout the retreat. We will observe the practices of silence and functional speech to support meditation practice. Meals are served oryoki-style, from the Zen monastic tradition of eating as practice.


This programme is suitable for relative newcomers as well as experienced students who wish to engage in a period of intensive practice, away from the distractions and business of their everyday lives.


Read more about "Why we do a Dathün".

Read more about a Dathün's schedule here.


This programme is taught in English. Translation into French, German, Spanish and other languages is possible without additional costs. In case you require translation please register as early as possible to allow us to organize an interpreter. Thank you.


Possibilities of attendance:

We recommend to attend the entire month. However, if you can only manage two weeks - in this case, the departure day for the first half, and the arrival day for the second half, would be Sunday November 18. If you intend to attend two weeks please register with the according version on our website. Thank you.

It is also possible to come for the very first week (November 3-11). In this case please register with the version of the first two weeks and note during the registration process, that you would like to attend for the first week only.

You can also attend for the first three weeks (November 3-25). In this case, please register with this version of the full dathün and note it in the commentary field during your registration

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