Program Details

Children's Craft Workshop

December 8 / 1:00 PM - December 8 / 5:00 PM

Children of all ages are invited to the Children's Craft Workshop. Creative activities will include King and Queen dolls, fan making, cookie decorating, crown making and more.

Please note: If your child wishes to participate in making king and queen dolls, you need to bring the following items:

1) Two SMALL bottles - small juice bottles work the best, if you can find them; Abbie also suggests the Dairyland Milk to Go in the milk/yogurt section; those are about 5 inches tall and have a smallish neck. Please only bring bottles this size or smaller, otherwise the kings and queens will not look very good and we might run out of fabric!

2) Two eggs - traditionally the small size eggs are preferable. The eggs must be blown out ahead of time - make a small hole in both ends with a small nail or pin, and blow the contents into a dish. Wipe the outside clean with a little water so that it will not be sticky when it dries.

Supplies for the other crafts will be provided.

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