Program Details

Traditional Chinese Qigong: Level VI

with Eva Wong
October 1 / 7:00 PM - October 5 / 12:00 PM

Traditional Chinese Qigong: Level VI

Eva Wong

October 1–5, 2014
Tuition $395 + 4 nights

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In this program, you will begin a heightened training in circulating internal energy according to seasonal changes and through specific channels in the body. The following qigong systems will be taught:

1. Outer qigong forms from Wudangshan – The Dragon-Tiger Frolics, a rigorous physical form of qigong designed to align energetic channels and energy centers.
2. Inner qigong forms from Xiantianwujimen – Chen Xiyi’s Twenty-Four Seasonal qigong, a form of qigong that tunes the body’s energy to the seasons and builds immunization to seasonal health hazards.
3. Hand gesture-based inner qigong forms Xiantianwujimen that are designed to direct energy through the body in specific channels.
4. Inner qigong from Wudangshan – The Wudangshan Seven Star Stances, a form of qigong that is designed to open deep circulatory pathways.

Prerequisites: Levels I-V qigong, all five qigong intensives, qigong and meditation retreat, and a letter of permission from Eva Wong.

All participants must receive permission to be admitted to this program.

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