Program Details

Essential Heart of Kasungship

with Marian Slaughter
October 14 / 6:00 PM - November 11 / 8:00 PM

The Dorje Kasung are members of the Shambhala community devoted to extending their meditation practice to benefit others through action. This program serves as an introduction to this major stream of the Chogyam Trungpa's teaching on "Protector Principle", and may be taken by the curious without making any commitment.  For members of the Dorje Kasung, it is the beginning of the formal Dorje Kasung training path. This class explores in detail what it means to be a Dorje Kasung, why they might exist, and the view of how they act. Special attention is given to study of the Dorje Kasung Handbook and the Eight Slogans of the Dorje Kasung (pith instructions that encompass the entire ground, path and fruition of the practice). We focus on two slogans each week, and each student is given a chance to dive into the meaning of one slogan through contemplation and teaching others. 

Dorje Kasung is a Tibetan term meaning indestructible (dorje) command (ka) protector (sung). Indestructible refers to the indestructibility of space - complete openness - that cannot be destroyed or defeated. Ka or Command refers to the teachings of Shambhala Buddhism and the possibility of establishing enlightened society. Protection in the Dorje Kasung occurs through cultivating an attitude of fundamental non-aggression and compassionate action that brings oneself and others back onto the path of being awake. This protection has nothing to do with solidifying personal or collective territory, but rather extending sanity to others.

Marian Slaughter is the Rusung or commanding officer of the Dorje Kasung in Madison. Reading materials will be discussed at the first class. There is no fee to take the course, but please register so we can plan accordingly.

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