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Opening the Good Eye: An Introduction to Miksang Photography

with Julie DuBose & Michael Wood
September 11 / 5:00 AM - September 14 / 6:00 AM

Opening the Good Eye: An Introduction to Miksang Photography

Michael Wood and Julie DuBose

September 11–14, 2014
Tuition $300 + 3 nights

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Discover how to see the world in a fresh way and express your full and complete experience through your camera. This retreat is an introduction to the practice of Miksang Contemplative Photography as developed by Michael Wood and Julie DuBose. Through visual exercises, assignments, discussion, and sharing of images, learn how to recognize the experience of direct visual perception. Direct in this case means without the filters of our habitual ways of seeing and experiencing. This is not purely a photography course. This is the beginning of a journey through our world with our eyes, mind, and heart united. Seeing in this way brings a freshness to our lives and through our images, we can share the joy of our experience. Please visit to learn more about this profound practice.

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