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Healing Sound Retreat

August 29 / 7:00 PM - September 1 / 12:00 PM

Healing Sound Retreat

Christine Stevens and Silvia Nakkach

August 29–September 1, 2014
Tuition $255 + 3 nights

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Join two internationally renowned teachers in a powerful and illuminating exploration of cross-cultural rhythms and the inspired voice. This highly experiential program introduces you to the most ancient and transformative vehicles to support healing and release joy: Voice & Rhythm. Through guided sound-centered contemplative practices of drumming and chanting, you’ll gather an original repertoire of medicine melodies to use personally and in shamanic, psychotherapy, and wellness sessions.

We will explore the use of music as a gateway for therapeutic processes and community peacemaking. You’ll experience the emotional magic that comes from singing the icaros of the Peruvian Amazon, and indigenous traditions from India, Tibet, Africa, and the Americas, including cross-cultural modalities of rhythm and chanting to evolve your spiritual practice.

No prior musical experience necessary!  Being alive, you have a voice and a heartbeat.  Drums provided.

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