Program Details

Basic Goodness Series 1 - Who Am I?

with Rebecca Hazell
September 7 / 10:00 AM - September 7 / 12:00 PM

You are welcome to join this is a five week course in the shrine room here at Northern Rivers Shambhala in Lismore or as an online participant.

We welcome back senior Shambhala teacher Rebecca Hazell who will be teaching live onlne from Victoria Canada.

Meant for new and seasoned meditators alike, the Basic Goodness series introduces the view of Shambhala experientially. Participants receive teachings and support for exploring their present experience—with gentle curiosity and appreciation. From that starting point one can discover what it is to be fully human.

The first course in the sequence, Who Am I? The Basic Goodness of Being Human, is open to everyone. This course asks the question “Who am I?” and investigates the sense of self. It includes teachings on basic goodness, the development of ego, and confidence.

In the second course—How Can I Help? The Basic Goodness of Society—participants explore their relationships with others, aspirations to help the world, and four areas of social transformation—household life, work life, entertainment, and economy. This course also looks at the Shambhala idea of enlightened society.

The third course, What Is Real? The Basic Goodness of Reality, investigates the natural and elemental world. Emphasizing core Buddhist teachings and ecology, this course helps reveal the magic and wonder—the sacredness—of the world.

Like the other Way of Shambhala courses, these ones are designed to create learning communities where people of any background can come together, reflect on their own experience, and contact their own wisdom.

Pensioner and student discounts are available and we offer our generosity policy which means that you pay what you can afford. We never widthold teachings from those who would lke ro recieve them.

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