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Embodied Listening

June 7 / 2:30 PM - August 9 / 5:00 PM

Through Focusing and

Feldenkrais Movement Lessons

  • Would you like to have a compassionate relationship with yourself?

  • Do you want to learn your body’s way of telling you what’s needed in your life situations?

  • Do you long to connect more deeply with your children and other loved ones?


Focusing is learning to pause and drop into this moment, and be with what is alive in you. Many of us consciously and unconsciously push away those things inside we do not like. What you want to get rid of is something that needs your attention and holds a vital part of your life, of you. We will learn how to safely turn toward those places and listen in a way that brings steps for life-forward movement.

Embodied Life movement lessons, based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, help invite the nervous system to find new patterns of movement. These lessons enlarge your somatic vocabulary and your ability to sense yourself from inside. They support the Focusing work by making the ‘knowing’ of our inner life easier to understand.


 "Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness." - Eugene Gendlin, founder of Focusing 

Series of 5 Classes Every other Saturday

June 7, 21, July 12, 26, August 9 from 2:30—5 pm

Early Registration $150; after June 1 $175

Taught by Melissa Wirsig who has taught movement and awareness for 16 years.  For more

information or to register contact: or 404-373-9672.

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