Program Details

The Foundations of Buddhism

with Sasha Loring & Tom Holmes & Elizabeth Brownrigg & Deirdre Lutz
June 4 / 7:00 PM - July 23 / 8:00 PM

Join us and learn the basic tenets of the Buddhist path.  This is a “drop in” class, so you can come to one or to all.  The class will start with sitting meditation followed by a talk and discussion.  The teachers are Sasha Loring, Tom Holmes, Elizabeth Brownrigg and Dee Lutz. 


June 4 - The Four Noble Truths:  The Truth of Suffering

June 11 - The Four Noble Truths:  The Cause of Suffering

June 18 - The Four Noble Truths:  The Cessation of Suffering

June 25 - The Four Noble Truths:  The Path

July 2 - The Six Realms of Samsara

July 9 - Aspects of Mind:  The Five Aggregates

July 16 - Shila:  The Path of Discipline

July 23 - Samadhi:  The Path of Meditation


The fee is by donation, which will support the Shambhala Center and the teachers.  Please arrive before 7:00.  

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