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The Heart of Buddhist Psychology - Lessons from the Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma

with Joseph Litven
September 20 / 4:00 PM - September 27 / 5:00 PM

Above prices include all meals. 

With mindfulness-awareness practice, reflections, discussions, experiential exercises, and spontaneous creative expression, we will explore the basic tenants of Buddhist psychology and its relevance to 21st-Century life. All are welcome: This retreat will benefit Buddhist practitioners, professionals, and anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of mind, reality, and the Buddhist teachings.

In a focused, relaxed, and rich environment, we’ll explore practical and transformative topics, including working with anxiety, fostering emotional resilience, making friends with ourselves, and much more.

The retreat is based on teachings from The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma Volume 1, which represents meditation master Chögyam Trungpa’s greatest published contribution to Western Buddhism. This material resonates with new students of Buddhism as well as long-time practitioners. This first volume, The Path of Individual Liberation, presents the teachings of the hinayana. The hinayana introduces core Buddhist principles on the nature of mind, the practice of meditation, the reality of suffering, and the possibility of liberation. It examines the nature of suffering, impermanence, and egolessness with an emphasis on personal development through meditation and study.


Joseph Litven, PhD., has been practicing and teaching Buddhism for nearly 40 years. He has worked with the editors of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche's The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma to develop and teach on this monumental publication. With a PhD in psychology, he offers a confluence of Eastern and Western wisdom.

He has a wide range of experience and a varied career that has involved being a practicing psychologist, consultant, radio DJ, ad agency executive, and owning a business devoted to executive coaching, organizational transformation, and mindfulness-based leadership development. He currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He teaches regularly at Dorje Denma Ling.

Jessie LitvenJessie Litven is the co-founder and coordinator of the North End Meditation Group in Halifax and an active member of the Nalanda Translation Committee, an influential organization dedicated to translating important Tibetan texts.

She grew up within the Shambhala Buddhist community in Nova Scotia, and now travels widely, translating for the Nalanda Translation Committee and working as a Tibetan-language teacher and interpreter. Known for her gentleness, intellect, and cheerfulness, Jessie is highly regarded as a friend, a guide, and for doing a mean Lindy Hop.

"We are crazy.  Everybody is crazy, I'm sorry to say.  Even the psychologists are crazy!  We are all crazy, including the animals, worms and fleas.  We are crazy and have created this crazy world, which we think is fabulous and terrific.  Nonetheless, we are all crazy.  How do we get out of that?  Purely by sitting.  You could try it right now.  You could hold up your posture this very moment!  You could imitate Buddha."

-Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, p. 183, Vol. I, the Profound Treasury


Prices Include All Meals

Full program tuition (not including accomodation): $795 We invite all who are able to do so to pay the full tuition rate.  By doing so, you are covering the direct cost of your stay here and contributing to our year round operations.   Interest free payment plans for 6 months are an option for those who choose this tuition level. 

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Discounted program tuition (not including accomodation): $550 

If the full tuition is unworkable for you, please pay the discounted rate if you can.  By doing so you contribute towards the cost of your being here .   If having 6 months to pay makes the discounted tuition possible for you, please choose this interest free option.  If you select this payment plan option, after finishing your registration, please call the registrar at DDL to set up the payment schedule.

Please Note:  Above prices include meals but not accommodations. 

We offer the following lodging options:

Staying off-land: $5 per person per day $35 for the program

Your Own tent: 10$ per person per night $70 for the program

Dorm tent (sleeps up to 8): $15 per person per night, $105 for the program

Wood Cabin: (sleeps up to 6) $ 25 per person per night $175 for the program

DDL tent:single occupancy $30 per night $210 for the program

Drala Cabin: double occupancy $40 per night $280 for the program

Hut: (double occupancy) $ 30 per person per night $210 for the program

Gyatso Lodge: $50 per night, $ 350 for the program

Gyatso Lodge has double and triple rooms with shared hallway bathrooms.  The huts, tents, dorm tents and cabins share two outdoor bath-houses.

If you are interested in a single room, please contact us about two weeks before the program begins, and depending on the number of registrants, we may be able to offer you this option for an additional $40 per night.

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Deposits will be refunded up to 30 days prior to the program, less a 10% administration fee. Deposits will be 50% refunded up to 10 days prior to the program.  There is no refund of deposits for cancellations less than 10 days before the start of a program.

To register please click on the "Registration" button below or call us at (902) 657-9085

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