Program Details

Family Solstice Day

December 20 / 11:00 AM - December 20 / 1:00 PM

All are welcome to come celebrate the child in all of us and celebrate the changing of seasons. You don't need a child "escort" to attend this family celebration!

Family Solstice Day honors the spirit and innate wisdom of children and families. This is an opportunity for all of us to rediscover this energy in ourselves.

At a time when the weather begins to bear down upon us, we turn to family for celebration, creativity, and generosity. Because the solstice marks the time of year when the night is longest and daylight has waned, celebrating light is a special characteristic of this holiday. Celebration of the winter solstice has its roots in many different cultures.

Anyone with a youthful spirit is invited to attend this day celebrating children, families, and the beginning of a new season. Celebratory, uplifted attire is welcomed!

Children can bring a gift to give away to another child in the Boston area who lives at an alternative home or hospital in which children are apart from their families.  


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