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Let's Have a Conversation: Co-Creating a Culture of No-Mistake

May 31 / 2:00 PM - May 31 / 5:00 PM

We are trying to create a culture in which everyone is participating in a fundamental culture of non-mistake, which is referring to our basic goodness, fundamental relief from guilt. When a culture does that, then you can make relative mistakes.  The path of mistake in fact, is the only way you learn. -Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Basic trust is the seed of a different culture, the “culture of no mistake.” This is an environment of basic acceptance and worthiness, in which one need not constantly compensate for an underlying sense of inadequacy.  No one has made a fundamental mistake, therefore we can make relative mistakes, we can be who we are, seeing our shortcomings without feeling guilty.~ Acharya Noel McLellan

Halifax Shambhala Centre's Societal Health & Well Being Committee cordially invites you to gather in sharing genuine conversation and being a good human society.

 This first gathering marks the beginning of a series of community gatherings which will be held on a quarterly basis, generally close to each nyida day. The aspiration is that by gathering and exchanging,we will co-create a “culture of no-mistake.”

Each gathering will include meditation, conversations and tea.

Everyone is welcome.







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