Program Details

Personal and Solitary Retreat

November 8 / 7:00 AM - November 8 / 9:00 PM

Please come enjoy the sacred garden oasis in Casa Werma where the basic goodness of human activity and society meets the tranquility of a garden-based retreat.

Personal and solitary retreat gives you the opportunity to settle into meditation practice and contemplation free from the distractions of daily life, and in doing so, deepen your experience of progress on the path.

The schedule you follow on retreat will be determined by you and your teacher or meditation advisor. Generally, one does six to eight or more hours of meditation and study over three or four sessions a day, leaving time for meals, exercise, bathing, rest, and sleep.

Since personal retreat is not an entry-level endeavor, we recommend that practitioners complete a group meditation retreat of at least one week, maintain a regular medtiation practice for at least one year, and have a strong personal connection with a spiritual teacher or community.

Recommendation of a spiritual teacher or meditation advisor is required for those embarking on their first solitary retreat. No alcohol or drugs allowed.

The minimum retreat length is three nights, although a minimum of one week is recommended. Extended retreats of up to six months are possible for qualified practitioners.

Resident Directors can provide support in the form of meditation advice and are available for emergencies. For retreats longer than two weeks, they will shop for food and supplies. Strict closed retreats are not possible at Casa Werma.


Dates are completely flexible according to your timeframe and availability of the Center.


Prices for La Casita-based solitary, personal retreat:

  • $450 usd, $5400 mxn for one week (7-8 nights)

  • $250 usd, $3000 mxn for a half week (3-4 nights)


La Casita has a kitchenette available for making your own meals. For photos of La Casita, visit:


Scholarships may also be available. Prices for longer term retreats are negociable. Please contact for more information.

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