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Meditation in Everyday Life

with Shelley Heinz
April 15 / 7:00 PM - May 10 / 5:00 PM

Meditation in Everyday Life is a 5-week course that teaches mindfulness meditation and shows us how this practice can improve our daily lives in the most practical sense. We experience what happens when we stop avoiding ourselves and the present moment and practice simply being with whatever is going on in our lives. We learn to cultivate courage and stability amidst the complexities, responsibilities, and uncertainties we all face in daily life.

This program, the first in the Way of Shambhala series, also offers a glimpse of the Shambhala vision of enlightened society by emphasizing the ways in which meditation can affect our daily lives, and how the stability and wisdom cultivated through this practice can expand to benefit our whole society. 

Meditation in Everyday Life includes meditation instruction, talks by a senior Shambhala instructor, periods of meditation practice, group discussion, and a variety of contemplative practice activities.  The first four Tuesday evening sessions are taught by Shastri Shelley Heinz over a live online connection.  The final Saturday session is a retreat day led by Shastri Heinz in person.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to meditation and the view of Basic Goodness.

  • Incorporating meditation into our everyday lives.

  • Overcoming obstacles to meditation.

  • Gathering the mind and working with emotions.

  • Opening to our genuine Heart.

  • Meditation as a transformational tool for society.

The view of this course is based upon the teachings found in the following two recommended books, which we invite you to purchase and read for the class (both books are available at Shambhala Media, as well as through all major booksellers):

Prerequisites:  None.

Cost:  $85.00

Note:  If you are not able to afford the full program fee (or if you are able to pay more than the full program fee), please see our generosity policy.

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About Shastri Heinz: Shelley Heinz has been practicing meditation for over 30 years in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. She is one of the original members of the Shambhala Meditation Center of Lexington, KY, which is part of an international organization whose vision is to work towards a society based on gentleness and bravery. She is a former Director of the Center, an authorized Meditation Instructor and teaches Shambhala Training Levels and classes. She was awarded the title Shastri in 2010, which recognizes her as a “teacher of teachers” in this tradition.

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