Program Details

Shambhala Family Potluck

May 31 / 4:00 PM - May 31 / 6:00 PM

Santa Rosa Shambhala Center will be hosting its first Family Potluck to kick off our Sunday Family Meditation Program starting June 8.

Family is the most intimate, on-the-ground social organization we have - the nucleus of our human relationships. Children are our future, and it is through lineage and human connection that a Shambhalian culture of kindness and virtue will continue to be passed on. Relating to the everyday challenges of household life with trust in the truth of basic goodness offers the society as a whole a vital example of an awake way to live.

Please come with your children, grandchildren or young friends to our Family Potluck, an early evening at the center, to mix, meet and bless our intention.  More details to follow.

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