Program Details

Four Month Mahamudra Retreat

with Nancy Huszagh
March 1 / 5:00 AM - June 29 / 6:00 AM

Many people have asked if they could join the Söpa Chöling three-year retreat's remarkable Mahamudra program. With great delight, we can now offer you this opportunity. You will spend one month practicing guru yoga, followed by the three-month Mahamudra practice exactly as it is done in the three-year retreat.

As an alternative, instead of doing the entire program, you can do the mandatory first month of guru yoga and then either the first month of Mahamudra practice or the first two months of Mahamudra practice.

Qualified students — those who have completed the Kagyu ngöndro and Vajrayogini mantras — can also use this program as a stepping stone to join the current three-year retreat (Group G, beginning September 2014).

In order to attend this program, you must have received pointing-out instructions.

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