Program Details

Wednesday meditation evenings

October 22 / 6:45 PM - October 22 / 8:45 PM

We meet every Wednesday evening at 6:45pm, including most Public Holidays, for meditation, simple yoga, talks and discussion.  Several times a year we will offer an evening course of five classes, or a weekend workshop lasting one or two days.

We start with a session of meditation, then a brief walking meditation or shamatha yoga. We may have a talk by one of our resident teachers, by a visiting teacher, listen to a DVD or other recording, do a contemplation, read a book chapter or have a discussion. We end with tea and biscuits.

Meditation instruction is available from one of our trained meditation instructors (Rod or Angie) by previous arrangement - either meeting before the main session, or at the same time if space is available in one of the other rooms.

We do not charge for the meditation sessions or instruction, but welcome a donation to cover the cost of renting the space (this usually works out at around £2-5 per person).

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