Program Details

Healing and Transformation with Maitri

with Timothy Walker
November 29 / 5:00 PM - December 6 / 4:00 PM

The Wisdom Energy of Emotions:  A Week long Contemplative Retreat exploring loving kindness meditations and the five elemental styles of emotional wisdom. A powerful course in emotional healing for anyone interested in reclaiming wholeness through synchronizing body, mind and spirit.

In this course, we will learn and practice:

- Mindfulness Awareness Meditation
- Loving Kindness and Tong-len practice
- Energy Postures
- Group Discussions
- Reflective Contemplations
- Creative and Expressive Work
- Yoga, Qi Gong, Body Movement 
- Fun & Celebration

This guided process will help you to:

- Gain awareness into the energy patterns of your emotions
- Foster insight and a natural energetic release 
- Access the power of Basic Healthiness & Wisdom Energy, free of ego fixation

(Ask about continuing education credits for Counsellors and Social workers.)

Timothy Walker, Ph.D. CCC has studied, practiced and taught the Maitri space awareness practice for 29 years and has written a Ph.D. dissertation on the Five Wisdom Energies as archetypes of healing and transformation in psychology education and health. He is a psychotherapist and healer working in Halifax and teaches mindfulness retreats for people with cancer and for healthcare professionals across Canada and the USA.  For more information about Mr. Walker visit .


***Pricing details to come soon!***

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