Program Details

OPEN HOUSE - a Report on the Culture & Decorum Conference

with Zoey Moyle
April 14 / 8:00 PM - April 14 / 8:45 PM

Bellingham Shambhala Director Zoey Moyle will give a report on her experience of Shambhala's first ever "Culture & Decorum Conferece" which took place in early March in Boulder, Colorado.

For those not familiar, a large amount of how Shambhala functions is through the creation of "culture." The Sakyong Wangmo (wife of Sakyong Mipham) requested this conference to bring together many minds to help build vibrant, awake culture in Shamhala. 

From the program description:

"This gathering is open to any member of Shambhala who is interested in forms, ceremony, environments, celebration, iconography and beauty – and how they shape our Shambhala society. How can we create forms that are awake, that draw out the dignity in ourselves and others? How can environments and symbols affect our experience? What role can each of us play in empowering the tradition of celebration, holidays, and rituals in Shambhala? Why do we have all of this protocol stuff, anyway?"

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