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Movie Night: Dersu Uzala

March 28 / 7:00 PM - March 28 / 10:00 PM

Against a backdrop of the treacherous mountains, rivers and icy plains of the Siberian wilderness, acclaimed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa (The Seven Samurai, Rashomon) stages an extraordinary adventure of comradeship and survival. Dersu Uzala, shot over two years in the Siberian steppes, is the enthralling tale of an eccentric Mongolian frontiersman who is taken on as a guide by a Soviet surveying crew. While the soldiers at first perceive Dersu as a naive and comical relic of an uncivilized age, he quickly proves himself otherwise with displays of ingenuity and bravery unmatched by any member of the inexperienced mapping team, on more than one occasion becoming their unlikely savior. 
On speaking about his film, Kurosawa said, "The relationship between human beings and nature is getting worse and worse...I wanted to have people all over the world know about this Soviet Asian character who lived in harmony with nature... I think people should be more humble toward nature because we are a part of it and we must become harmonized with it. If nature is destroyed, human beings will be destroyed too. So we can learn a lot from Dersu," (quoted in Donald Richie's The Films of Akira Kurosawa). 

Donald Richie also writes: "One of the most beautifully composed and photographed of Kurosawa’s films, Dersu Uzala visually illustrates its theme—in Arseniev’s words: “Man is too small to face the vastness of nature.” The camera is always at eye level: It is through the human eye that the vastness of the steppes is viewed, and it is the human figure, small in this elemental landscape, that one remembers after having seen the film."

 Japan/USSR 1974 140 minutes Color Russian with English subtitles 
Friday Mar. 28th @ 7:00PM, screening begins at 7:15
This is a free event.
There will be a short! (due to the length of the film) optional discussion of the film afterwards.

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