Program Details

Werma Feast

April 19 / 6:00 PM - April 19 / 9:00 PM

Approach, Approach…Come here!

The fruition of the magical practice of the Werma Sadhana reveals itself in our ordinary lives. When we see the world with the eyes and heart of the Rigden, a new life unfolds—a life filled with natural wonder, joy, caring, exertion, and contentment.

Although Werma practice is restricted to those who have received the empowerment at the Rigden Abhisheka or at Kalapa Assembly, this feast practice is open to all tantrikas who have received the lung.

If you have time and feel inspired, you might bring some food or drinks to share. Contact Arela to let her know what you might like to offer. Also, if you have the time to come approximately 40 minutes before the beginning of the feast, and help with setting up, that would be great! We will all stay for clean-up. Setting up and cleaning are part of the feast; the more available hands the more fun! 

Please contact Arela to RSVP, and if you wish to bring a dish or offering: arela [dot] pineda [@] gmail [dot] com

The costs for the food and drinks will be shared among all of us. 

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