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To Die in Retreat is Best: A Pilgrimage to Buddhist India & Nepal

June 27 / 7:30 PM - June 27 / 9:00 PM

Join us for a slide show and narrative of a recent pilgrimage to sacred sites, presented by Mark Seibold, senior Shambhala student, Tibetan scholar, and Nitartha Institute faculty member.

In his teachings the Buddha emphasized two elements that he said were necessary to awaken to our true nature: merit and wisdom. The practice of going on pilgrimage to sacred or holy sites is connected with the accumulation of merit and the removal of our defilements; in a word, our habits, opinions and assumptions that blind us to our true nature. In the West we tend to focus on cultivating wisdom, but just as a bird cannot fly without two wings, without merit we cannot open to the wisdom within. The external journey of going on pilgrimage and encountering directly the ground on which the Buddha walked is the outer face of an internal journey of discovering our hearts as followers of the Buddha's teachings. 


There are so many Buddhist holy sites in India and Nepal that one could spend years visiting them all, but the four most important ones are Lumbini, where the Buddha was born, Bodhgaya, where he attained enlightenment, Sarnath, where he taught the way to enlightenment, and Kushinagar, where he entered parinirvana. Please join us for slides and discussion about these and other major sites in the Buddhist world.

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