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Breaking Through: A 12 Step Based Deep Dive into Emotional Sobriety

July 18 / 7:00 PM - July 20 / 12:00 PM

Please join us for this transformative program with author and teacher Ron Chapman.

Many people using the 12 Steps to recover find themselves stuck despite making important progress. They desire a new way of living and being, but old patterns that resist transformation appear again and again. A new path simply won’t hold.

AA’s co-founder Bill W. experienced this challenge, and in a now famous 1958 article proposed emotional sobriety as the next frontier in recovery. What this may be is a mystery to us, since we can’t know it until we experience it. (*For this workshop, we’ll define emotional sobriety as a psycho-spiritual state where our history, addiction and challenges have been put to peace and no longer define our lives.)

Breaking Through begins with the 12 Steps as a springboard into this new frontier. Using breathwork, meditation, journaling and dialogue, we will begin to create and experience this new way of living and being. By gaining a glimpse and a sense, we can begin to understand and move forward in our evolution into emotionally sober people.

  • Friday, – A Framework for Understanding – Free to the Public

  • Saturday,– An Experiential Workshop

  • Sunday, – Meditation and Dialogue


“Clarity is an aspect of love, it is seeing clearly. Ron Chapman sees with those eyes. He pays attention as few do to the miracles around us. He tells the One Story in all its permutations as a way of drawing us to the warmth of our heart.                              Stephen Levine, Author: Healing into Life and Death

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