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Continuing Ikebana Students - Joining Heaven & Earth in Spring: the Contemplative Art of Flowers with Alexandra Shenpen, Sensei

April 4 / 9:30 AM - April 4 / 5:30 PM

An Ikebana/Kado workshop for continuing students taught by Alexandra Shenpen, Sensei.

For Continuing Ikabanists ... Our spring workshop will be just one day this time, all day on Friday. The format will be similar to past workshops, and a bit different. We would like to honour Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche's teachings on sacredness and art in everyday life during this workshop, which  falls on the last day, April 4 (1987) he was alive. He said ikebana is not mere decoration, it is a sacred practice. We would like to contemplate how it permeates the natural magic of our lives - and becomes embodied. Come open to structure and improvisation with branches and flowers - relaxing into play with emptiness and form, form and emptiness!

The sun and moon of creativity arise in non-aggression, the courage & gentleness of direct perception.
Thus beauty is born.

This program is for CONTINUING Ikebana students.

  • Fresh materials provided; please bring a small bucket to transport flowers home nicely at end of workshop.

  • Equipment (clippers/container/kenzan) available for use during workshop. If you wish to purchase your own personal clippers/container/kenzan, they are available for purchase online at Ziji. If you already own these items, please bring them along. Do label your kenzan with your name, please.

Please pre-register early to have a place, and so we know the total number of participants and amount of materials to gather.

Materials fee of $25 for the all-day workshop includes plant materials and supplies, and needs to be paid prior to Wednesday, April 2, 2014. If you need to cancel your registration for any reason after Wednesday, April 2nd, the materials fee will not be refunded. There are a limited number of partial scholarships available for the program fee - please see the end of this program listing for more information.

About Alexandra Shenpen:
Alexandra Shenpen, Sensei has taught extensively at Naropa University, Kalapa Ikebana, meditation centers, public venues, and privately. In 2012 she received the master (riji) diploma of the Sogetsu School, and was recently appointed as a Master Instructor for Kalapa Ikebana and an Artist to the Kalapa Court by Sakyong Mipham, Rinpoche.

If you need to make special payment arrangements or discuss a partial scholarship for the $50 program fee, please contact Carolyn or Todd Pickton in advance of this Program at: Thank you!

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