Program Details

Introduction to Kyudo (Zen Archery)

with John Mills
May 24 / 9:00 AM - May 25 / 4:00 PM

Kyudo means the way of the bow and can be described as a form of standing meditation. Under the direction of Shibata Kanjuro, Sensei and senior instructors, students learn an ancient form of archery using traditional Japanese bows. Kyudo is a form of meditation practice, not sport, and hitting the target is not considered important. The purpose of kyudo is to purify one's heart and mind to awaken the natural dignity of being human, beyond the obstacles of ambition, aggression or confusion.

This Kyudo Beginner Intensives is being offered by the Capital Region Archery Club, 5618 76th Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB. The class will be taught in accordance with Zenko International principles. For more information, visit

Kyudo Equipment will be provided. The cost of $175 for the two-day Intensive includes lunches and tea breaks. Full payment must be received by May 10, 2014.

The workshop will be limited to 9 participants, so if you are interested, register early to reserve your spot. To register, email David Austin at

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