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Introduction to Contemplative Psychology (Berkeley)

with Sandra Ladley & Sakti Rose
May 17 / 10:00 AM - May 18 / 1:00 PM

Please note that this class takes place at the Berkeley Shambhala Center.

Skillful communication and compassionate exchange as an expression of our intrinsic sanity.
An introductory class for people who would like to experience the fundamentals of Karuna Training and the foundations of Contemplative Psychology. This stand-alone class has no prerequisites. If you wish to continue studying and practicing, you can choose to sign-up for the two year course that will begin in the Fall of 2014. 

Karuna Training is an extended training program in Contemplative Psychology that teaches us how to heal ourselves and work skillfully with others through the innate potency of the heart. The program joins deep study of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist principles with contemplative practice, skills development, and ongoing group interaction and community support. It is a journey of discovering one’s own brilliant sanity and of learning how to exchange ourselves for others so that we can transform everyday life challenges into opportunities for openness and wisdom.

The experiences and methods conveyed in the two-year training include

  • Specialized forms of meditation, practices aimed at developing awareness; perception and cognitive methods 

  • Experiential process-oriented methods. 

  • The training is supervised by experienced therapists. 

  • Group and partner work. 

  • Between course sessions participants meet for exchange and discussion in contemplative body-speech-mind groups.




Who is this program for?
Karuna Training is designed for people who work professionally with others, as well as for those who are interested in personal development using a contemplative model. It is well suited for medical professionals, therapists, teachers, artists, business managers and parents. It is scheduled primarily over weekends with some longer intensives and periodic weeknight meetings. 

Contemplative Psychology originated at Naropa University in 1974, under the direction of Dr. Edward Podvoll and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. In 1996, Melissa Moore and Paul Cashman took Contemplative Psychology to Europe, and with the help of several German psychologists and the Shambhala Community, founded the Karuna Training. Today Karuna Training is offered in Germany, Netherlands, France, Poland, Austria and Spain.

Shastri Sandra Ladley, MA received her degree from Naropa University in 1990. She is serving as a member of the team that is bringing the Karuna Training contemplative psychology program from Europe to Northern California. Over her career, Sandra has worked as a counselor, manager and teacher in business, technology, health and creative arts settings. In addition to teaching Shambhala Buddhist programs, Sandra currently leads classes and creative and psycho-educational groups on topics including Radical Acceptance and Art in Everyday Life.  Sandra lives in Albany.

Sakti RoseSakti Rose, MA, SEP graduated from Naropa in 1984 in Contemplative Psychotherapy. She was one of the early Maitri Psychological Services therapists as well as a long time teacher of Maitri space awareness. Currently, she practices as a senior somatic experiencing practitioner, specializing in all forms of shock and developmental trauma, as well as all varieties of stress related illness.  Sakti is teaching these skills in meditation, hospitals, and disaster relief settings. She teaches mindfulness-awareness meditation in hospitals, corporate and meditative settings for the past 18 + years. Sakti's personal practice includes 35 years of Buddhist meditation, yoga, as well as study with many spiritual masters in the US and Asia.

For more information and for scholarship or work-study arrangements, please contact Sandra Ladley: sandraladley [at] yahoo [dot] com, or (510) 229 0243.

The cost for the program is $150 plus a ticket processing fee. 


Please note that this program is presented by Karuna Training, so San Francisco Shambhala membership discounts do not apply. 


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