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with Barbara Märtens & Stefan Magnusson
July 11 / 7:00 PM - July 19 / 10:00 AM

The program is now full. Any registration will be put on a waiting list.


at Håtunabo, Sweden on Lake Malar, 40 minutes from Stockholm, 20 min from Arlanda International Airport

With Acharya Barbara Maertens and Dharma art teacher Stefan Magnusson
From Friday July 11 to Saturday July 19

"We all have our own style and our own particular nature. We can't avoid it. The enlightened expression of yourself is in accord with your inherent nature." - Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Pure Perception According to tantric Buddhist cosmology, we and the world are a spectrum of colorful energies, which can take manifestation in awake or confused ways. During this week, participants will explore these energies through Maitri Space Awareness exercises and with the creative process of Shambhala Art.“

Maitri space awareness is a meditation practice developed by Chögyam Trungpa, based on the traditional principles of the five buddha families and a Vajrayana approach to mind, energy, and space. By maintaining particular postures in five different colored environments, each of the five wisdom energies is evoked.

This practice highlights and tunes us directly into our own particular psychological styles or energies, allowing us to clearly see and experience how we embody and relate to them in either a healthy or neurotic fashion. Each of the energies is linked with a particular emotion, sense perception, element etc etc.. You will learn ways to relax with the various manifestations of energies, so that their potential wisdom can shine through. The view here is, that emotional or mental challenges are opportunities to transform and to free the energies too often locked in our bodies Gradually, we open up and embrace these energies in ourselves and our world with unconditional friendliness (or maitri). This warmth helps us transform the frozen energy of self-centeredness into the flowing creativity of compassionate action.

Experiencing and understanding these Buddha energies enriches our ability to connect with ourselves and others in a direct and vivid way and in so doing, deepen our creative potential. That is why this Maitri program is associated with the Shambhala Art teachings about discovery and play, and the universal nature of creativity and communication. Through a series of individual and group exercises you will be taught what it means to see things as they are and how to uncover the source of inspiration. These teachings help us to discover the richness of our perceptions, our experience and the possibilities for expression.
This is a powerful course in emotional awareness and healing, helpful for health professionals, artists, educators, business professionals, and anyone interested in reclaiming the energy of wholeness through synchronizing body, mind, and heart.
To maximise the benefits of the programme we ask you to bring sets of clothes in each of the following colours corresponding to each energy type: blue, yellow, red, green and white.

Barbara Märtens

Barbara Märtens is trained in cultural pedagogy, Zen-arts and contemplative psychology; She teaches various Meditation and Buddhist courses in Europe including Maitri Space Awareness practice and other contemplative approaches to art, work, and to life in general. Her special emphasis lies in training sense perception and creative expression in individual and group work. She is an Acharya in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition with more than 20 years of practice. She is a member of faculty in Karuna and Upaya, an organization for contemplative psychology, health and art.

This program is open to meditation practitioners of all levels of experience.
Cost – 3900 SEK, 425 Euros which includes accommodation dormitory style and three meals. Accomodation is limited so register early. It is possible to bring your own tent.
Registration fee: 100 Euros or 900 kr till plusgiro 1342970-9


IBAN:SE69 9500 0099 6026 1342 9709

For further information, contakt coordinator Pavitra Wolf Matthews

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