Program Details

Shambhala Children's Program (May)

May 4 / 10:45 AM - May 4 / 2:30 PM

10:45AM-12PM  –  Class for Tigers and Lions. Parents are invited to join public sitting.

12-1PM  –  Brown bag lunch for all. This is an opportunity for children and parents alike to gather informally to socialize, eat and play.  

1-2:30PM  – Class for Garudas. Depending on space availability Garuda parents may or may not have a place to practice. We will do our best to let you know ahead of time. The Community Hall is always open to you while you wait for your children.

Tigers (ages 3-5)
We explore the principles of our innate goodness, confidence, and loving-kindness through play, art, and stories. Through guided activities we imitate and embody the Tigers open and alert sense perception to further appreciate ourselves, each other, and our world.


Lions (ages 6-8)
"The Lion has a beauty and dignity resulting from a body and mind that are synchronized." We bring awareness to our bodies, hearts, and minds through storytelling, crafts, movement and song as we continue to explore Buddhist and Shambhala themes and practices.

Garudas (ages 9-11)
We focus on cultivating a strong understanding of core Shambhala teachings: basic goodness, fear and fearlessness, gentleness, mindfulness/awareness meditation, and windhorse practices. Each class will build upon the last so Garudas are strongly encouraged to attend every month. This is not a drop-in class. $108 for the year or $60 January through June.
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