Program Details

Doing Nothing

September 26 / 8:00 PM - October 5 / 5:00 PM

Doing nothing means: Not reading, not talking, not using computers and telephones, not meditating and if possible not thinking too much.
’Allowed’ is: Walking, running, sleeping, taking short notes, sitting around and doze. Withall, it is not about attaining a certain state, like for example becoming as awake, concious or open as possible. Yes, some sense of spiritual dizzyness, unclearity and other undifinable states of minds are welcome, just like any other feelings/states certainly as well

Framework schedule:
Mornings and evenings we will come together and sit for two hours in quiet Sitting-Meditation. There will the opportunity for charings, either in a group, or among two people, more than this, the Retreat will take place in silence. (warriors-exchange) We will offer an instruction and guidance for quiet Meditation, as well as on how to deal with feelings and emotions.

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