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March 2 / 6:00 PM - March 2 / 10:00 PM

On this day we express the richness of our spiritual and cultural heritage through conviviality, elegance and generosity.  The New Year's celebration is marked by various ceremonies, practices and social occasions.  The key moment is Sakyong Mipham's international live online broadcast to the entire international Shambhala community.

This year we invite our community to attend daytime festivities at the Palm Beach Shambhala location. 

For those who live in Miami you warmly invited to attend our Shambhala Day evening celebration in South Beach, where we will practice the Elixir of Life chant, cast the I Ching for the upcoming year and celebrate together with an elegant cocktail party.

There is no program fee for this event but it is customary to make donations for the coming New Year.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Location: 1200 West Avenue, Miami Beach FL 33141  786 553 1634

All events are open to the public.

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