Program Details

Traditional Chinese Qigong: Level 5

with Eva Wong
May 8 / 12:00 AM - May 10 / 12:00 AM

In Level 5 students will learn:

  1. The Leopard, Snake, and Crane postures of the Five Internal Animals Training from the Wudang Shan lineage. The leopard form trains tendon flexibility and strength; the snake form trains flexibility in the spinal column to facilitate the circulation of qi; and the crane form enhances the ability of the body to conserve and store generative energy (jing). In addition, by immersing themselves in the spirit of these animals, participants will eventually embody the explosive power of a leaping leopard, the elusive movement of the snake, and the balanced stillness of a crane in repose.

  2. Part 3 of the Immortals' Guide to Self-massage and Breath regulation. This system combines self-massage and breath control to facilitate the conservation and circulation of internal energy.

  3. Part 3 of Chen Xiyi's Red Phoenix Calisthenics System. This system combines tendon-changing, calisthenics, self-massage, and breath regulation.

Qigong Level 5 begins at 7:30pm on May 8th and ends at 6pm on May 10th.

Special Repeater Price: $160 per level

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