Program Details

Traditional Chinese Qigong: Level 3

with John Rockwell
May 4 / 12:00 AM - May 6 / 12:00 AM

In Level 3 students will learn:

  1. Hua Tu's Five Animals Calisthenics and tendon-changing Techniques. The five animal forms covered are: tiger, bear, deer, monkey, and bird. The tiger form trains tendon strength, the bear form trains bone strength, the deer form focuses on preserving generative energy, the monkey form trains agility, and the bird form trains balance.

  2. Part 1 of Chen Xiyi's Red Phoenix Calisthenics System. This system combines tendon-changing, calisthenics, self-massage, and breath regulation.

  3. More standing qigong postures from Wang Xiangzhai's Yiquan System.

Qigong Level 3 begins at 7:30pm on May 4th and ends at 6pm on May 6th.

Special Repeater Price: $160

Eva Wong will be teaching Levels IV/V May 6 - 10. Learn more. 

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