Program Details

Ngöndro Retreat

with David Brown
May 9 / 12:00 AM - May 14 / 12:00 AM

"The Sakyong has emphasized the importance and power of group vajrayana practice. With all of our practices, the point is not only how we do our individual practice, but how we connect to each other and live our lives altogether. Particularly with our aspiration to create enlightened society, it is important for us to gather, practice, study, work, and celebrate as a community. In addition, practicing under the guidance of senior teachers in a group setting will deepen our study and practice of the vajrayana."

-Guidelines for Group Ngöndro Practice Intensives

All ngöndro practitioners and instructors are warmly invited to this ngöndro practice and study retreat. Students are strongly encouraged to attend at least two consecutive days of the practice intensive. Whether you are doing the Rigden (Shambhala), Kagyü, or Nyingma ngöndro, whether you are counting or doing it by time, whether you are inspired or stuck, all are welcome.

There will be two sessions of group ngöndro practice per day, plus study time, talks and discussions on vajrayana and Shambhala teachings based on tapes and transcripts from both Sakyongs. Participants are welcome to come for all or part of the program.

Upon registration, participants will receive a list of the particular texts and materials to bring for practice and study.

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