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Mindfulness, leadership and society

with Chris Tamdjidi
May 10 / 9:30 AM - May 11 / 5:30 PM


Mindfulness, leadership and society


with Chris Tamdjidi 10 – 11 maj

With the great problems now facing human society, it seems increasingly important to find simple ways to bring compassionate and strong leadership to the world, even in small ways. This weekend emphasizes genuine confidence and steadfastness in facing the world’s challenges. In particular we look out how we can cultivate unwavering confidence and compassionate action through the simple practice of mindfulness. We also will look at particular aspects of the Shambhala teachings that can help us in cultivating such forms of leadership.

Prerequisites: A beating heart!

Chris Tamdjidi

Chris Tamdjidi has spent the last 10 years focusing on Leadership development especially in the fields of authentic leadership and personal transformation. As a group facilitator, coach and consultant Chris is particularly enthused about helping individuals and organisations bring about the personal and structural transformation that are required to lead and function in an authentic and successful way.

He has been the Director of Shambhala Europe for 7 years. The main organisations for all the centres and groups in Europe. He is co-founder and Director of the Kalapa Leadership Academy which is focused on authentic leadership development through personal transformation, including in particular an emphasis on mind training. He also is Director of a non-profit training company, Karuna Training, which offers three years trainings to professionals in the fields of contemplative psychology and healthcare in Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands.

He is currently leading a study together with the University of Munich researching the impact of mindfulness training on resilience and work satisfaction. The study, in which 10 companies are taking part, is the largest such study worldwide.

He is Director and Owner of a Hotel Management company which runs a castle hotel in southern Germany. The Hotel is focused on offering both mindfulness training and authentic leadership seminars, in addition to functioning as a normal Hotel with 30 employees.

He is based in Cologne, Germany.

Plats: Stockholm Shambhala Center, Sandelsg. 8, T-Karlaplan el Stadion, Buss 4,1, 62, 72

Tid:  10 - 11 maj  9.30 - 18.00

Språk: engelska

Kostnad: 1500 kr (1100 för medlemmar, studerande, pensionärer och arbetslösa. Halva priset för deltagare från de nordiska länderna. 500 kr för studerande under 30 år)

Anmälan här på hemsidan. Anmälningsavgift 300 kr betalas till pg 1342970-9, Shambhala Stockholm. Obs: skriv vem inbetalningen kommer ifrån!

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