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Neutral Day: Uncovering Sacred Space

March 1 / 9:30 AM - March 1 / 5:30 PM

On Saturday, the day before Shambhala Day, we will gather together as a community for the traditional Neutral Day activity: cleaning!

Neutral Day falls between dön season, the end of the previous year, and the fresh start of the New Year. As we prepare to enter the Year of the Wood Horse, it is a time to clear away obstacles and negativity that have gathered over the year by cleaning our space, psychologically and physically. Join us at the Shambhala Center for this festive day of cleaning as we clear out the cobwebs and uplift the center.

Cleaning before the New Year is a way of attracting positive energy into the environment, or as we might say in Shambhala, “Drala.” It allows us to put time and energy into uplifting our space to start the year with a sense of freshness, new beginning, openness and possibility.

There will be two shifts, with a lunch break in between. You may do both shifts if you like, and you may also drop in if these shift times are not convenient for you. We do ask that people come for at least two hours if you are dropping in. To sign up for either or both shifts or to learn more, please email Kevin Townley at

Morning shift: 9:30am-12:30pm
Lunch break: 12:30pm-2:00pm (provided by the Center for volunteers)
Evening shift: 2:00pm-5:30pm


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