Program Details

Beginners' Ikebana

with Iris Ramos
April 5 / 8:30 AM - April 5 / 4:00 PM

A Beginners' ikebana class will be offered at the Austin Shambhala Meditation Center on Saturday, April 5 from 8:30am until 4:00pm. This class will be limited to 12 students. The cost for this program is $90, and flowers are included in the fee.

Ikebana is the contemplative practice of expressing gentleness and elegance through the art of simple flower arrangement. The word ‘Ikebana’ literally means “give life to flowers”. This art form began in 11th century Japan when flowers were presented in shrines and temples, and has become a contemporary expression of the profound sacredness in the world. Much more than just arranging flowers, this practice mirrors the sacredness in the mind of the arranger, both in the arrangement and in the experience of the observer. Through this art form, the artist learns to train his or her perceptions to open to the harmony and natural order of the world. 



Students are requested to arrive at 8:30am to set-up the daylong program. Clean up at the end of the class will begin at 3:30pm.

The morning segment of this program will focus on learning and practicing traditional Moribana Ikebana forms. Advanced variation forms will be presented in the afternoon segment.

What to Bring:

  1. Students should bring their own flower cutting scissors and branch cutting clippers, as well as ikebana dishes and kenzan. Although ikebana dishes and kenzan are available for use at the center, students are encouraged to bring their own if possible. [Ikebana dishes (flat bottomed ceramic dish that holds at least 2 inches of water) and kenzan (flower holders with metal pins) can be ordered online from Ziji and Stone Lantern. The Shambhala Mountain Center also offers ikebana tools in their gift store. Dishes can also be found at garage sales, vintage stores, and some special garden stores. The size of the Kenzan should be relative to the dish that is selected for use. Small ikebana dishes should be avoided for this lesson.]

  2. Students should bring a bucket that holds water for their materials and a small towel for clean up.

  3. Although flowers will be provided, students can bring flowers, foliage and woody branches that inspire the student. Material selection instruction will be provided.

  4. Students are requested to bring a small notebook and colored pencils for taking notes and drawing their arrangements.

  5. Students are asked to bring a sack lunch of their choosing.


Cancellation Policy:

Because the beginner class will be limited to 12 students, early registration with a full fee deposit is strongly recommended. No student spot will be held without an online registration and full deposit. A one-week cancellation notice is required to receive a full refund on a registration; a 50% fee charge will occur for a 3-day advance cancellation. No refunds will be offered with less than 3-day notice about a cancellation.


Iris Ramos began practicing Ikebana at the Austin Shambhala Mediation Center in 1990. She was a senior student of Fumiyo Matsumoto, a master from the Sogetsu School of Ikebana in Japan, and was authorized to instruct students in 2000. Shastri Ramos was appointed in 2013 by the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and teaches Shambhala Buddhism throughout the Region. She currently resides in Austin, Texas.


For further information, please contact Leslie Ernst, the program coordinator, at

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