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Facing Death Fearlessly: 3 Online Classes

with Andrew Holecek & Eric Spiegel & Andrew Holecek
January 26 / 1:00 PM - March 30 / 3:00 PM

We will watch the online broadcast together at Sky Lake.

Class 1: Sun. Jan. 26, 1-3 pm  with Acharya Judith Leif

There is no better teacher than Guru Death and nothing more important than
listening to what she has to say. But it is hard to avoid shutting down or settling for
vague truisms. Therefore it is necessary and important to rouse the courage to really
directly look at our experience, ask questions, challenge our assumptions, and dig deeper.

Class 2: Sun. Feb. 9, 1-3 pm with Acharya Eric Spiegel

The time after death is said to be a treacherous pathway. As practitioners we have
enormous opportunity to look directly at our experience of "self" as both solid and
simultaneously empty. We will explore ways to contemplate the time of death, and will
discuss the contemplative practice, "Armor of Fearless: Chant for the Intermediate State,"
written by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche during his year long retreat.

Class 3: Sun. March. 30, 1-3 pm with Andrew Holecek

If we relate to the end of life properly, we can transform the greatest obstacle in life
(death) into the greatest opportunity (enlightenment). Aging and illness are a ngöndro
for death. With the proper view, we can gracefully surrender to what nature is teaching
us, and look at retirement as spiritual retreat.

$20/class or $45 for all 3 classes.  Please specify in the notes of your registration.  If you are taking all three, this will not be an option through paypal, you can pay when you get here.


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