Program Details

Monthly Children's Program

May 4 / 3:30 PM - May 4 / 5:00 PM

Our Children’s Program offers children (and parents!) the opportunity to discover and express their joy, sanity, and compassion.

This month's activity will be “Body Awareness”, fun and zany walking exercises to build awareness of how our beautiful bodies work and convey feelings.

Through nature, music, art, movement, and interacting with each other, children explore through their senses, developing trust in their own experience and basic goodness.
Each month, the one-hour program includes kid’s meditation instruction followed by five minutes of meditation, yoga, and a creative activity.

The program can be enjoyed by children of all ages, from infants to early teens. While the creative activity is geared to children older than three to four, younger children and their parents seem to especially enjoy the yoga and working on the creative activity together.  Blocks/toys are also provided for the little ones.

The program is followed by a social reception with tea and snacks for all.

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