Program Details

The Profound Treasury

with Robert Lamprey
March 19 / 5:30 PM - April 16 / 8:00 PM

"Never forget the Hinayana."  This was the last instruction the great teacher Chogyam Trungpa gave to his students.  Often, however, we would like to forget these Foundation Teachings and go right to the "highest" level.  We will explore the inconvenient truths of the Foundation Vehicle (Hinayana) in a five-week course beneficial to students of all levels.   In the course, we will engage in the three wisdoms of the Hinayana: hearing, contemplating, and meditating based on the Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma, a record of teachings imparted by Chogyam Trungpa to his most dedicated students.

The course will be led by Robert Lamprey, who has spent thirty years trying to avoid the Hinayana without success and is also the Head Instructor at Aikido of Montpelier.




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