Program Details

Ziji Collective

December 7 / 4:00 PM - December 7 / 6:00 PM


Meditation practice and Buddhist philosophy discussion with people in their thirties and younger. This ongoing bi-monthly practice session and discussion group provides an incredible opportunity to meet other young people from the Pittsburgh area. Anyone who already has a meditation practice in any Buddhist tradition, or would like to start one, is encouraged to attend.

"Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche commented that both zi and ji have a sense of light and brilliance to them, glossing zi as “shine” or “glitter,” and ji as “splendor.” He added that ji also carries a sense of “monolithic.” In keeping with that, when translating buddhadharma we have rendered ziji as “splendor,” “radiance,” “brilliance,” and “full of splendor.”  In the Shambhala teachings, ziji has particular importance. Though on occasion, especially in our early days, we translated ziji as “light,” we quickly settled on two renderings that the Vidyadhara felt brought out the inner quality that resulted in an outer radiance: “confidence” and “dignity.” These are key terms in the Shambhala teachings. In fact, both render the one Tibetan phrase, ziji."

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