Program Details

Unconditional Healing Meditation Group

with Gretta Hansing
February 22 / 9:00 AM - February 22 / 11:00 AM

This program meets the fourth Saturday of each month.

The Unconditional Healing Meditation Group cultivates the healing power of loving-kindness. Unconditional healing means that healing is possible even in the midst of illness. Even if we cannot influence our physical state, we can achieve more peace of mind and well being of spirit.  We can learn to live with our physical discomfort without the despair or anger that adds to our suffering. We can even find a path to joy. Whether we feel weak or strong, we can sow the seeds of our future well being by tapping into loving-kindness toward others and ourselves.  In this group we will participate in the following activities:

1. Meditation to stabilize the mind,   

2. Contemplations to clarify our experience of uncertainty, healing, and loving-kindness, 

3.  Loving-kindness meditation to tap into unconditional love toward ourselves and others, 

4.  Healing meditation to establish a positive connection between the mind and body, and  

5.  Sharing of our experience with others. 

Unconditional Healing is open to all who desire to explore the unconditional nature and healing power of loving-kindness,  It includes but is not limited to those of us who suffer from chronic pain and/or are caregivers. 

No previous meditation experience is necessary.

Meetings are anonymous and confidential.

Pre-registration is not required.

If you can't afford the suggested $5 donation, you're welcome to attend and offer what you can afford.

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