Program Details

Dance, Voice and Meditation Retreat

with Dorothea Gädeke & Murielle Elizeon
October 26 / 5:00 AM - November 2 / 6:00 AM


Human life starts with a cry and a movement. This first contact with the outer world contains enormous innate vitality. I am fully alive- hear me, listen to me, look at me, play with me!

Singing and moving have always been the expression of basic life-force; of the desire to communicate, to be heard, seen and touched. Human body and is naturally full of expression.

A simple sound or movement can carry complex messages that do not necessarily need to be verbalized.

Voice and body contain all we are made of: breath, posture, movement, perception, emotion, intellect, intention, intuition, intuition, contact, relation to space.

Our bodies receive, process, act and react to auditive, visual and tactile information. We deeply perceive each other through our senses, way beyond words.

In this one-week-workshop, we will playfully explore the vastness of possibilities of our voices and bodies.

The art of Improvisation will be one of our main tools. Grounded in basic structures of improvisation, we will discover that as a group we can create complex melodic and rhythmic patterns, “spontaneous choreographies”, as we move along with humor, open-mindedness and space-awareness.

Improvising in a group while staying in touch with our personal uniqueness leads us to explore themes that are vital to life in any society: giving and taking, the dance between a model and our individual interpretation, the art of listening, the confidence to trust spontaneous invention, the balance between sound and silence, movement and stillness, action and letting go, precision and fuzziness, and many others….


Meditation Instruction


The instructions on mindfulness-awareness meditation are perfectly adaptable into any form of voice and dance work. There will be daily short sessions of sitting and walking meditation and personal meditation instruction. There will also be the possibility of personal voice and movement training.



Dorothea Gädeke lives in Freiburg/Germany.After working as stage actress for 25 years and in-depth voice studies, she is now working as voice coach with actors, singers and dancers. She is also working as a voice therapist and lectures at music conservatories in Stuttgart and Freiburg. A longtime student of  Chögyam Trungpa and Sakypong Mipham Rinpoche, she is a Shambhala teacher since many years. She loves to sing, especially in various formations with others.

Murielle Elizéon is a choreographer, dancer and teacher. Since 1995 she collaborated with many choreographers and theatres in France, Swizterland, Germany and Denmark. As a choregrapher, she works on the topics of time, presence, relation; the practice of yoga and meditation have influenced her work. She teaches contemporary dance and Argentine tango for professional dancers and amateurs(adults-children). She lives with her family in North Carolina and in Germany.

Dorothea and Murielle met in Germany in the Freiburg Theatre. They were each other`s teachers: Dorothea taught voice training for stage productions in which Murielle performed, and Murielle was Dorothea`s teacher in Tango Argentino and dance training. This is how to desire to co-teach was born.



Comfortable clothing, socks that glide easily on the floor, others that don’t, and one tennis ball.



The programme begins on Sunday October 26 and ends on Saturday November 1 in the evening. You can chose to leave anytime next day, Sunday 2nd November.


This programme does not require any prerequisite. Everyone is welcome.



This retreat is taught in French. Translation into German, English, Italian and other languages is available at no extra costs. Please give us notice of your request as early as possible - about 2 months in advance -, so that we can provide translation services. In case you register short-term please get in touch with us in case you need translation into your language.

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