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Family Groups: Present Parenting and Tiger Cubs (Eagle Rock)

with & Natasha Mitchnick
October 19 / 1:00 PM - October 19 / 2:30 PM

The nature of parenting is an enormous responsibility, and a practice in itself.  We want our children to develop inner strength and clarity, serenity and compassion.  The most direct and effective way that they can do so is to live daily with these qualities, manifested in their parents.

Our “Present Parenting” group explores how the Shambhala teachings can help parents and children live together with open hearts and the natural wisdom that resides in all of us.  Shambhala parent Natasha Mitchnick leads this group the 3rd Sunday of every month.

The “Tiger Cubs” group (children from 3 - 9 years) meets concurrently on the same Sundays. Together (sometimes in 2 age groups) they explore the world through their senses, developing trust in their own experience. Through nature, music, art, movement, writing and voice we discover our that we can have an intimate relationship with our world. Life these days offers so many distractions, so many choices. Children develop their innate insight to know what to accept and what to reject. Shambhala teachings shine through all the activities in the Tiger Cubs group, led by longtime Shambhala students Laura Burnham and Laura Landau.

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