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Enlightened Society Assembly

July 26 / 6:00 PM - August 10 / 12:00 PM

Enlightened Society Assembly

July 26–August 10, 2014

Tuition $ 420 + 15 nights


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Enlightened Society Assembly is a Shambhala program that emphasizes the view of the intrinsic goodness of all beings and society, practices that rouse bodhichitta and compassionate openness, and confident activity that engages fully in the world.  In particular, living up to its name, this Assembly will focus on how we can create enlightened society on the spot, at home, in our city and nation, and wherever we go.

This program works to integrate study, practice and community with an aim to understanding the basic goodness of oneself, others, society and the phenomenal world.  Under the guidance of an Acharya and another senior teacher, Enlightened Society Assembly will provide an opportunity for you to fully engage and integrate these teachings and practices while living in a Shambhala practice environment.


Preparation and Prerequisites: Students applying to the Enlightened Society Assembly should have completed the following before the program (please note that these are new requirements) :

Shambhala Levels I through V
Everyday Life Series: Meditation, Contentment, Joy, Fearlessness and Wisdom
Basic Goodness Series (if possible)
Rigden Weekend
One Weekthun
Membership in your local Shambhala Meditation centre/group

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