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December 31 / 5:00 AM - December 31 / 5:00 AM

Philadelphia Shambhala Center on the Move


Dear Shambhala Community Members, Associates and Friends,

On behalf of the Governance Council of Philadelphia it is my distinct pleasure to greet and thank this extended community for a most excellent year of commitment and energy. Along with forward movement in many areas, our ongoing Community Voice discussions reflected on our growth and have brought us to a very clear conclusion: more and more people are coming to our center in order to bring meditation into their lives and to connect to community, and we need a larger space to support this growing interest.

Such growth is an exciting opportunity for all of us and we are very pleased, then, to announce the official launch of our Building Mindful Space fundraising effort with an aim to raise $625,000 over 3 years. This is a bold proposal, no doubt, but working together we are confident that as a community we can meet the challenge with inspiration. We have already made some progress raising pledges of over $30,000.

Another discovery we made in our discussions is how much the Shambhala Community loves Sansom Street with its great neighbors, ease of access, nearby amenities and public transportation. Consequently, we are exploring lease options for a larger center in our Sansom Street neighborhood but to do so we will need to raise $100,000 by late summer 2014.

The goal of our Building Mindful Space fund raising effort is to build a beautiful bridge to the future where we grow and sustain a vibrant community and we are delighted to invite your support and participation.

How you can help

Become a Member

It is clear that realizing our goals is quite naturally linked to increased membership.  If you are someone who enjoys being part of the Shambhala Community and are not a member please consider contributing to the financial health of the center by becoming a member. To learn more about membership, visit our Philadelphia Shambhala website or reach out to Kim Cremer with your questions. 

Join the April 26th – 27th Sit-A-Thon

As one of our first major fundraising efforts we will host a Spring Sit-A-Thon on April 26th and 27th. This two day event will offer each of us a unique and fun way to participate in fundraising through meditation. There will be more details to follow about how you can participate but to learn more now visit the Building Mindful Space site.

Along with these two contributions we also invite you to:

  • Visit the web site and make a contribution - Our Mindful Space Team has created a website where supporters can make a contribution at Take time to visit the site and invite others to do so as well – no contribution is too big or too small!

  • Volunteer your time and expertise - We will need volunteers and to date we have over a dozen community members offering their financial, legal, management, communications, design and fundraising skills, to the effort.  But we need more help and if you are interested in being part of the Mindful Space Team email Joe Stinson at .   

  • Visit the center – 60% of us have brought a friend or relative to the center in the last 24 months.  So, continue to visit:  join the fun, meet your friends and make new ones. And while there, you’ll see a banner and donation station for ongoing contributions.  

As we reflect on exactly why we, as a community, are taking on such a commitment, we think the answer is captured in what we heard from one another: 80% of us said “being part of the Shambhala Community is important or essential to our lives”

Each of us has discovered something through Shambhala- something about being human; something at times unspeakably vast, gentle and profound. And expressing our gratitude for such a discovery seems to come quite naturally for many of us. So in this sense our fundraising effort is about extending such gratitude to others-providing an uplifting, gracious place where people throughout the Philadelphia area can congregate and experience the very same profoundness that we cherish in our lives.

With appreciation and a very warm thanks for your continued support. We look forward to working with each of you during the coming year of our center’s growth and flourishing.

In the vision of Community and Kindness,

Joann Herson
Center Director & Council Chair

Council Members
Randy Cremer, Matt DiRodio, Susanna Lack, Judy Luther, Steve McGahee, Jean Plough


Shambhala Meditation Center of Philadelphia
2030 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103




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